Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Triacastela - 134 km

The theme of the last few days has been mountains, cold, and wet. Two really big climbs in the last two days, one with snow/hail and and wind and the second with rain (but luckily no wind). It´s not the best weather for walking, but in the end, it´s still beautiful, and makes the stops for tea every couple of hours that much more enjoyable. The biggest peak to climb was yesterday, O Cebreiro, and from now on it looks to be just some gently rolling hills (and mom, if you are reading this, you might get rained on but no snow for you...we won´t be that high up).

I officially entered Galicia yesterday, and for a minute there I thought I had made a wrong turn and walked straight to Ireland. It is green, wet, gorgoeus, there are lots of sheep, and the music is very similar (it makes sense, considering this is Celtic land, after all). I´m also much closer to Santiago, and to Sarria, where I´m meeting my mother, than I had anticipated. I am going to need to take a forced furlough (like a CA state employee!) for a couple of days because Martha arrives on Saturday and I will be there either Wednesday or Thursday, if I go slow and take a detour. Guess I either did the math wrong or walked faster than I thought!

Was hoping to upload some photos today, but this computer is pretty old and doesn´t seem to have the capacity...perhaps before the weekend I will get to a more modern internet cafe.


  1. Sounds like you're making a lot of progress. It's cold here in SF, too - think 45 and windy enough to flip over a truck. But I still got out for a walk today myself, and tomorrow am starting a vacation in Oregon.

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