Saturday, April 4, 2009

Terradillos de los Templarios...382 km

Today was a 27 km day, 18 of which were without seeing towns, no houses, nothing. Very beautiful, but just empty.

Last night I was in Carrion de las Condes, where we stayed in an alburgue run by Augustine nuns. The sisters gathered us all around 9 pm for a little pilgrim farewell session, where one of them played the guitar and sang songs about the camino, and another gave a little speech about their mission on the camino, etc. Like any good nun, she told us to PAY ATTENTION. This is a very loose translation of what she said:

Pay attention to the nature around you, that you are passing through every day. Pay attention to the pilgrim walking next to you every day, whether you know him or not. Pay attention to God. And pay attention to your own story.

I tried to upload a few photos, so you can see some of what I see every day. If it doesnt work, I will try again next time Im at an internet cafe...


  1. AL

    You all look so cold! Sunny though.

    I am looking forward to seeing you soon. I hope I won't slow you down too much. 27km!!


  2. wise words from the good sister ;-)

  3. Alana ~ I'm enjoying all your comments and pictures ~ Martha is in serious training this week!