Monday, April 20, 2009

Palas de Rei - 68 km

And weŕe down to the double digits! After four weeks (as of today) of walking, itś hard to believe that I will be finished in a few short days. Mom arrived to Lugo on Saturday, and we started walking from Sarria on Sunday morning. Luckily, she brought the nice weather with her; it had been raining for the few days before she came but it has been beautiful the last few days (misty and cool in the mornings, but sunny and warm in the afternoons). Hopefully it will keep up.

We hope to arrive in Santiago by Thursday in the morning, so two and a half more days of walking. Our feet and legs seem to be holding up for now so we are hoping we dont have any problems.

We have met some great and interesting people along the way, including today a 70-year old woman who puts us all to shame. I also ran into Pauline, a Dutch woman that I had walked with for a few days back before and up to Burgos, so it was nice to see her again. Hopefully I will see some more familiar faces in Santiago, as people seem to linger a day or two there.


  1. Alana and Martha - keep up the good work! Great to talk w/Martha the other day. Hey, upload some pictures if you can . . .

  2. ¿ Donde están? tu amigo pablo