Friday, April 17, 2009

Lugo (off the beaten path)

I arrived in Sarria (112 km from Santiago) yesterday, the spot where my mom and I will be starting together, after two days of walking between 10 and 15 km and trying to slow down as much as possible, so as not too have too much idle time. Mom arrives tomorrow, so I decided to come to Lugo, which is an actual city, to spend a couple of days here resting while I wait for her. It´s not actually on the camino but was only a short bus ride away, and much easier for my mom to get to. The old Roman walls around the city are still intact, and today I walked around, and on top, of them, around the entire old section of the city. I am also in a hotel for the first time in a month, and it is very nice to have a real bed, a private shower, and no snorers around. There is even a TV, though I´m not really sure what to do with it...

This morning in Sarria, I went back to high school. I had seen a sign a few towns back advertising for native English speakers to come to this school and speak to the students if they would be in town, and as I had the time, I thought what the heck. It was hilarious. The kids (15 and 16 years old) basically just stared at me, and the teacher kept prodding them to ask me questions. They all were frantically looking in their notebooks for questions to ask me, but most of them were too shy. Or their English was terrible...I don´t think they understood a whole lot of what I said, even though they all began studying English when they were 7 or 8. The questions I did get were ´what is your favorite book?´, ´do you like music?´ and ´do you have to be american to be in the FBI?´.

I´m looking forward to my mom arriving tomorrow, and then getting an early start on Sunday as we start the final five day stretch to Santiago. It was sort of strange today, and I´m sure will be again next week, to wake up and not start walking for five or six hours. My legs are all ´okay, what do we do now?´

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  1. Alana (and Martha)

    It's been wonderful reading your accounts of this walk. Enjoy your time together.