Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Estella -662 km

I made it to Estella today, about 22 km from where I stayed last night, Puente la Reina (which was about 23-28 km from Pamplona, depending who you ask). It was a gorgeous day weather wise but unfortunately my right knee isn´t really cooperating, so I´m sort of limping around this afternoon, and will hopefully buy a brace and some Bengay-esque cream later today. If I don´t feel better in the morning I will probably do a half-day of walking, which is fine with me. No hay prisa, ni reglas.

I´ve also been realizing that I may have to skip at least some sections and take some bus shortcuts, in order to be able to meet my mom in Sarria the day she gets there. I figured this might happen, and to be honest, it will be nice to give myself some rest every few days and to actually spend time in a couple of the cities that I´ll be passing through.

Until next time...let´s hope DWB doesn´t have to give me a knee replacement when I get home.


  1. Si quieres llegar a Santiago
    Con fuerza y vitalidad
    Echa un trago de un buen vino
    y brinda por la Felicidad

  2. P'a'lante Alana. Estoy contigo en mis propios viajes Tu amigo Pablo